What Makes a Steel Building an Economical Choice for Municipalities

What Makes a Steel Building an Economical Choice for Municipalities

Steel buildings can serve a number of municipal needs such as public works or recreational facilities.

For many municipalities across Canada, the demands on infrastructure for growing populations are at the top of the agenda.

One of the biggest demands is the need for structures to house municipal departments and assets, both for public works and public facilities.

That’s where a steel building is the right choice for municipalities looking to spend taxpayers’ money wisely.


Some examples of where a steel building can serve municipalities’ needs include:

  • Water or sewage treatment plants
  • Public works yard buildings
  • Utility buildings
  • Public arenas
  • Garages and shelters
  • Storage units
  • Offices

There are normally a few hurdles that municipalities need to jump over before they can go ahead with infrastructural upgrades and replacements.

After all the consultations, a referendum is usually required when borrowing money from public coffers, including tax increases or municipal reserves. Applications also need to be made for provincial and federal grants. When approval comes in, tenders to the private sector are normally sent out. And then there’s all the planning and legalities that take place throughout the process.

Municipalities need to be accountable. They need to know:

  • Steel building prices
  • How long a job will take
  • How much maintenance is required
  • What the lifespan of the steel building will be

Known for their affordability, durability, and sustainability, and wide-span capabilities, a structural steel or pre engineered steel building can provide a long-term and cost saving solution.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Today’s steel building prices are still affordable
  • Pre-engineered parts and components allow for steel buildings to be erected much more quickly
  • Structural steel is known for its design flexibility and can be used to build buildings of any size
  • Steel is a recyclable material so construction waste is minimal
  • Steel offers extra protection against elemental and weather damage
  • Once erected, a steel building requires little maintenance
  • If properly insulated, steel is extremely energy efficient


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Metal Structure Concepts constructs structural and pre engineered steel buildings that meet many different municipal needs. We have worked directly with numerous municipalities to build high-quality arenas, multi-purpose facilities and other public buildings that have come in on time and on budget.