Scale Your Business with Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Scale Your Business with Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Better scale your business operations with steel buildings

If you’ve read one or two of our blogs, you’d know that we’re big advocates for pre-engineered steel and metal buildings – which have a plethora of advantages from being cost-effective and low-maintenance to being durable and sustainable. 

But one thing you may not know is how flexible pre-engineered steel buildings can be for expanding your business! The ability to increase floor space in multiple directions allows for future growth and pivots in your business.


Reach for the Skies

They say that the sky is the limit, so why limit your dreams to your physical space? While pre-engineered buildings are typically only one to two floors, height is an excellent way to add more space. So long as you have a wide enough foundation (and there are ways to increase that if needed), there are multiple ways of adding more height to your building – and we have lots of steel building kits for you to choose from.

Whether it’s adding a steel mezzanine to remove additional stress from the original structure or adding specialty framing techniques to your building, the budget-friendly nature of pre-engineered buildings makes this an inexpensive option compared to traditional steel additions.


Go Long!

Adding length is a very common way of expanding a steel building, and it’s easy! This sort of expansion usually involves building an addition directly to the original frame. There are some workarounds if your original building has a post and beam construction but even if it requires building an entirely new end wall to put next to the existing building, this type of expansion is a classic for metal buildings. So long as you have the foundation, you can keep adding extra space.


Open Wide

Finally, expanding the width of your building can actually be one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your building. While there is a little more design work that goes into this style of remodelling, the results are worth the effort. You can extend your roofline with a lean-to, add doors, and remove wall panels – there are lots of options. 

One of the best benefits that we offer at Metal Structure Concepts is value-added service with prefab buildings, which allows us to work with you from concept to finished product to get exactly the upgrades you want. Whether it’s a new building or an update, all our pre-engineered buildings have lower initial costs, greater design flexibility, faster occupancy, and lower maintenance costs.

Want to see how expanding a pre-engineered building works in action? Check out this expansion case study we did for Kelowna’s Country RV: RV Dealership Uses Original Commercial Steel Building Supplier to Expand.

Metal Structure Concepts has been designing and constructing steel buildings across Canada for over 20 years. From retail spaces to warehouses to wineries (and more), we are the experts for your next project. Contact us today to get a free quote.