RV Dealership Uses Original Commercial Steel Building Supplier to Expand

RV Dealership Uses Original Commercial Steel Building Supplier to Expand

Kelowna’s Country RV has expanded its commercial steel building on Highway 97 with the addition of six new service bays supplied and installed by Metal Structure Concepts.

MSC did a fantastic job and no one would ever guess this is a pre-engineered steel building. If we ever expand, MSC will be the first call I make.”

According to the above-written testimonial provided by Country RV General Manager Henry Epp, sometimes a job is done so well the first time, it’s worth having the same people do it again. So when Country RV decided it needed to increase its service space after its original commercial steel building was erected, guess who they called? Yep, their original steel building supplier, Metal Structure Concepts.


The Original Build 

In 2008, the RV dealership based in Kelowna hired MSC as the general contractor to design, supply and erect a pre-engineered building at its six-acre property on Highway 97N.

A complex undertaking, the project required MSC to collaborate with multiple government agencies due to the location near a sensitive riparian environment (fish stream) and the highway, which resulted in a deceleration and turn lane off Hwy. 97.

The resulting custom steel building, measuring 10,800 sq. ft., included a showroom, parts department, mezzanine, offices and six service bays.


11 Years Later

Now owned by partner company Fraserway RV out of Abbotsford, which has multiple locations across Canada, Country RV has seen its business increase over the past decade.

With business booming, the dealership found it was short on service space. That’s when Country RV once again got in touch with MSC to provide a solution by adding to the existing metal building.

MSC soon got to work in supplying and installing an 80-by-64 sq. foot space that houses six service bays. 

“We had to close off and seal the walls with full liner panel systems and had to match existing heights,” explains MSC owner Steve Ivanitz about the build. “As building codes have changed since the last time we worked on the building, we had to upgrade the roofing and add additional insulation as a whole.”


Expanding with Ease

A pre-engineered steel building’s best virtue is its ability to be expanded or added on with a bit of foresight and preplanning.

“We knew when we did the first build for Country RV that they were eventually going to grow out of it. That’s why the original building was designed so that it could be added on to in the future. This is primarily due to the pre-engineered steel parts,” says Steve.


Helping Businesses Thrive 

MSC receives numerous calls from businesses looking to expand. 

“Some businesses hit that 10-year lifecycle and that’s when we get repeat calls that they are ready to add on. There are numerous economic benefits to this. Not only are metal building prices relatively stable, adding on to a business is going to double the service capacity. This is especially the case at Country RV,” says Steve.

We are happy with the great relationship we have established with Country RV. They were happy with the first build and are happy with this one now,” he adds.


pre-engineered steel building

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