3 Reasons Prefab Metal Buildings are the Trend for Growing Your Business

3 Reasons Prefab Metal Buildings are the Trend for Growing Your Business

A prefab metal building can be custom designed to make for an aesthetically pleasing retail space.

There’s a reason the ancient Romans used prefabrication to build their forts. Manufacturing and assembling the parts before installation helped them build more quickly and efficiently, so they could get back to conquering.

Now used in commercial and industrial enterprises such as factories, warehouses, storage facilities and distribution centers, prefab metal buildings are becoming more and more popular.

They have also become the building trend in constructing homes and modular buildings used for retail and office space.

The number one reason prefab metal buildings are so popular is that they can save you money, so that any profits you earn after your building is installed can go towards making your business grow.

So why are prefab buildings the trend in growing your business?


1. They’re quick and easy to install

Prefab metal buildings are not only aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, they can be installed quickly because most of their parts and components are manufactured and assembled in the factory before going to the construction site. Think of it the same way you would a car, where its components are manufactured and put together and tested in an auto factory before it makes its way to the lot. Moving these partial or completed parts and components from the factory to the building site costs a lot less than doing all the pre-production at the construction site. It not only allows for the building to be erected that much quicker, it also causes less construction waste on site.


2. They can be customized

Whether it’s for a storage building or a retail outlet, a prefab metal building can easily be designed and made to your specifications as each component, from window openings to wall panels, are made to design in the factory before being delivered. This is not a cookie-cutter operation, but one where eye to detail is paramount. Metal buildings can also easily be designed to include aesthetically pleasing accessories such as sliding doors, skylights, roof cupolas, and more.


3. They’re sustainable

With their recycled content and recyclability, steel has a higher environmental rating than other building materials. By reducing waste, and the smaller carbon footprint in the manufacturing and installation of prefab steel can qualify you for something called LEED credentials, set up by the Canada Green Building Council. These LEED credits signify that you’re a leader in the field and active participant of the green building movement. Another environment saving benefit is that solar panels can be clipped to the seams of a metal roof system without having to penetrate, or cut open, the roof.


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Metal Structure Concepts partners with multiple fabricating vendors across Western Canada to source competitively priced materials and components to meet you logistical and budgetary means. Our design team can customize prefab metal buildings to suit any commercial application, including warehouses, aviation hangars and welding shops.