Ready for the Seasons: How Metal Buildings Can Adapt to the Climate

Ready for the Seasons: How Metal Buildings Can Adapt to the Climate

Metal buildings are built to resist extreme weather conditions, including rain, sleet, snow and hail.

With the extreme weather that has come about due to climate change, it’s even more important that we adapt to our environment. One way is through our choice of shelter. That’s why more people are choosing metal buildings in which to live and work. Strong and durable, they can be adapted for any kind of climate. Here’s how:

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Resistant to Extreme Weather

Commercial-grade steel, which is used in the manufacturing of pre-engineered steel buildings, has one of the strongest strength-to-weight ratios to other building materials. Studies have shown that buildings made from steel tend to be the most resistant when it comes to extreme weather damage, including heavy rain, snow, sleet, hail, heat due to fire, and even hurricane force winds. Metal buildings have also been shown to be particularly resilient in earthquakes. This is often due to their low height and light weight.

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Able to Handle Heavy Loads

The National Building Code of Canada, as well as provincial building codes, often require commercial buildings to meet certain structural loads in order to adapt to the environment. The structural steel components used in pre-engineered commercial steel buildings are known for their adaptability to meet required: 

  • Snow loads
  • Wind loads
  • Seismic loads

An example of adapting to snow loads can be found in Metal Structure Concepts Case Study: How Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Help the BC Ski Industry.


Keeps out Heat, Cold and Moisture

Like conventional steel buildings, pre-engineered buildings are often installed with high R-value insulation to maintain and stabilize interior temperatures, providing resistance to heat and cold, as well as to prevent condensation and moisture from permeating the interior. Insulation also acts as a sound barrier. 

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Fights off Rust and Corrosion 

While untreated metal can be susceptible to rust and corrosion when exposed to long periods of moisture, most pre-engineered metal buildings are made from galvanized steel components and parts. These parts are coated in zinc to be resistant to oxidization. In addition to galvanizing, a pre-engineered building’s wall and roof panels are often coated in protective paint, which not only serves as an extra barrier against rust but also can be customized in various colours to meet design needs.  

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