Raise a Glass: Remembering Vineyard Projects

Raise a Glass: Remembering Vineyard Projects

Get the most out of your garage by building with steel!

With the year winding down to a close, we’d like to raise a glass to all the extraordinary people we’ve partnered with, not only this last year but throughout Metal Structure Concept’s 20-year history (we’re still feeling sentimental about our anniversary). And if we’re raising a glass, let it be wine from one of the fantastic wineries we’ve been honored to be a part of building.


Stag’s Hollow Winery

We would be remiss if we didn’t reminisce about the very first winery we were a part of. Back in 2005, we designed a custom steel building Stags Hollow could use as their production facility that included a custom green-colored roof, customized stucco work, extensive concrete work with in-floor heating, and more!

The trust and confidence we built with them over fifteen years ago didn’t fade with time though. We were thrilled when they reached out to us with expansion plans and wanted our help erecting a new building for their sister company Shuttleworth Creek Winery. We love repeat customers but love the confidence we can instill even more.





Pegasus Vineyards

Speaking of repeat customers, we have to shout out Pegasus Vineyards. Several years ago, they contracted us to build a barn on their farm to shelter their horses and were so impressed with the quality of our work they came back to ask us to erect an open roof for covered storage on their vineyard.

This pre-engineered steel building allowed for the versatility and longevity needed in a winery environment. Not only were we able to customize the project to fit the exact needs of our clients, but we make commitments on all our projects to not disturb business as usual. Which means that even after bringing in all the materials needed, not a single piece of fruit was damaged.

Wineries can come with a whole host of needs. Whether it’s storage buildings for cellaring or a new commercial steel building, we are committed to careful and deliberate work conditions. And when you think about how our prefab buildings can be built under any weather conditions, it makes it worth thinking about erecting new buildings now to be better prepared for those busy winery spring months.


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