Q&A: How Can Metal Buildings Help Expand My Business

Q&A: How Can Metal Buildings Help Expand My Business

MSC added a new pre-engineered metal building to match an existing warehouse for Okanagan Spirits distillery in Vernon, BC.

Your business is growing. Great. But now you’re faced with a dilemma as you’re running out of space for storage, manufacturing, servicing, and other operations. A quick solution on how you can add to your commercial operation—without exorbitant costs or business being lost—is with pre-engineered metal buildings.


Q: I already have a concrete building for my business. How will a commercial steel building fit into my expansion plans?

A: A pre-engineered steel building can be placed as an addition or as an expansion to any existing building, including wood or concrete, tilt-up or block building.  That’s because metal can assimilate with just about any type of building design or material. Metal parts can be attached as roofs to older buildings, or metal panels to reinforce walls.


Q: How can you match the design of my existing building to my new building?

A: We can resurface and refit an existing building, or we can add a fully independent building to match the one that already exists on your building site.

Metal panels come in several different colours and styles that can match with your existing colour scheme, with the add-ons that tie in with your current design. We can also make your older building look like the new one, with a feature wall, where we add a new substrate surface to the wall.


Q: What is typically needed to start the design process for my expansion/addition?

A:  While previous or old construction drawings from the original build can help, current photos of your existing building or buildings can help too. This way, we can get an idea of what needs to be done.


Q: Will you come out to my building site?

A: Yes, we will come to your building site to do a site study, take measurements, and get a basic feel for what you are looking for. This hands-on visit helps us with some basic conceptual development permit drawings. Only Metal Structure Concepts provide this service to our clients, even before a final contract is signed. We go that extra mile to build client relationships. We enjoy meeting potential clients and learning about what they are doing and how we can help them expand their businesses.


Q: How much time, on average, does it take to supply and erect a pre-engineered building?

A: Depending on the size and scope of the project, it can take as little as 4-12 weeks to supply and erect a fully-sized steel building. Many businesses continue to operate while expanding with steel. That’s because there is very little construction equipment needed (no need for cement mixers, saws, etc.). As a result, there is also little construction waste. 


Q: Do you have any examples of buildings that you have added on to or expanded before?

A: Yes, we have done several addition/expansion projects. We added a new service station to an already existing metal building we designed and installed for Country RV in Kelowna, BC. For another project, we added a steel warehouse for Okanagan Spirits in Vernon, BC. More examples can be found on our Projects page.


Looking to expand your business? MSC has experience in building projects for commercial, agricultural, industrial, storage, retail, and community/multi-purpose uses. Contact us at 1-800-979-2993 for any of your building needs.