How Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Help Farmers Protect Their Livelihood

How Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Help Farmers Protect Their Livelihood

Pre-engineered steel buildings provide livestock and farmers with a safe, comfortable environment.

When investing in an agricultural operation, one of the top priorities is to provide adequate shelter for your livestock, machinery, feed and harvested crops. There are many different construction methods available, but few can compete with pre engineered steel buildings in terms of longevity, cost effectiveness and customization.

No matter which type of operation you’re in, you’re going to need some building infrastructure. Fortunately, the design flexibility of a pre engineered building makes it a good candidate for just about any type of farm activity. Here are a few examples.


Caring for Livestock

Calving season is a critical time of year for farmers. Having a place where you can carefully monitor cows and their calves is beneficial to both farmer and animal. Depending on the size of your herd, you can design a structure that meets your current needs, with room for:

  • Monitoring pens
  • Medical care areas
  • Rest areas for caretakers

The latter point is particularly useful, as calving season usually involves a few long, sleepless nights in the barn. Additionally, if you decide to ramp up your operation later on, pre engineered buildings are readily expandable, which helps you save on steel building prices.


Reduce Machinery Maintenance

There’s nothing sadder than seeing a valuable piece of farm machinery weathering away out in the elements. Many Alberta farmers spend vast sums of money to acquire equipment to keep their operations running smoothly. Without the right size and type of storage buildings, you’re likely to encounter:

  • More frequent and expensive equipment maintenance costs
  • Challenges with servicing your equipment
  • Shorter equipment life expectancy
  • Lower resale prices


Supporting Diverse Operations

Contrary to popular belief, agriculture in Alberta goes beyond fields of wheat and cattle ranches. The industry has diversified greatly to include a range of other farming activities, including:

  • Beekeeping
  • Sugar beets
  • Pulses
  • Market gardens
  • Game animals

Pre engineered steel buildings are readily customizable to fit any type of farm operation. As long as the farmer knows what they want, a designer will find the right building solution.


Shelter for Feed and Crops

Whether you’re storing feed for your animals, or crops before selling them to market, a steel barn will ensure they’re safe from the elements in a well-ventilated area. Many incorporate oversized sliding doors to provide easy access for tractors, trucks and other loading equipment.

Pests are a common problem anytime you store feed and crops. A well-built storage building will help keep rodents and other pests where they belong. Of course, having a good barn cat wouldn’t hurt either.


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