Pre Engineered Steel Building: When to Have a Single Slope Roof

Pre Engineered Steel Building: When to Have a Single Slope Roof

Metal Structure Concepts supplied and erected this long, single-slope standing seam roof as part of its 11-building project for Grohman’s Mini Storage Ltd. in Nelson, BC.

There are several things to consider when picking a metal roof system for your pre-engineered steel building. In the design stage, it's essential to ask yourself these questions: What is the use of my steel building? What type of conditions/environment is the building to be located? What else will I need to consider when picking out a roof for my building? We answer these questions and look at the benefits of single-slope roofs for different building designs.


What is a Single Slope Roof?

A single slope or single-pitch roof is where a roof pitches to just one side, whereas, a roof that has two slopes is known as a gable or pitched roof.

The pitch of the single-slope roof can slope to any direction, and the pitch angle often depends on what the building will be used for and where it will be located.


What Businesses Benefit from Single Slope Roofs?

A single slope roof is an excellent choice for steel building projects that require a low slope and ample, open space. These projects include:

  • Storage buildings and storage units
  • Single-storey steel warehouse and industrial buildings
  • Office complexes
  • Garages
  • Lean-tos


Are Single Slope Roofs Less Expensive than Other Roof Systems?

Yes, metal building prices for a single slope roof tend to be less expensive than other metal roof systems. That’s because it requires less structural steel (beams and secondary parts such as purlins) to construct single-slope roofs.


What Are the Design Options for Single Slope Roofs?

Single slope roofs are compatible with just about any building design, as they offer options for pitch and angle from steep to almost flat. Most importantly, single slope metal roofs can be customized to provide a clear span of usable space in the building’s interior. They also offer numerous options for exterior design. These options include:

  • Custom coloured, textured, and insulated roof panels
  • Cupolas
  • Ventilation
  • Overhangs


What Metal Roof System is the Best Option in Western Canada

It’s essential to consider your roof pitch when it comes to building in Western Canada, due to the accumulation of snow that can occur in winter. A single slope roof can be sloped to suit your needs. It also offers ideal drainage since the roof pitch can be positioned to allow for runoff to the back of the building.


Read how Metal Structure Concepts provided Nelson’s Grohman Mini Storage Ltd. with 11 Commercial Steel Buildings, including a storage unit building with a single-slope roof.

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