Open-Shut Case: When to Have a Walk Door for Your Steel Building

Open-Shut Case: When to Have a Walk Door for Your Steel Building

Make a splash with a metal walk door as the main entryway into your steel building.

Are you thinking about what type of door to use for your building project? As the primary entrance into your business, the door is something to consider at the design stage and also depends on its use. Here, we answer your questions of what, when, and why to have a walk door for your steel building.


What is a Walk Door?

Also known as a pedestrian, walk-through, access, pass or man door (an old-fashioned term once used to refer to a garage door), a walk door is just that — the door that you walk through when entering or exiting a building.

Typically designed for commercial metal buildings, a walk door is often the main entryway for: 

  • Garages
  • Steel workshops
  • Storage facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial or retail buildings


Doors of Perception

Sliding and or overhead roll-up doors tend to have a more spacious unhindered opening, which works for large vehicles and equipment that need to be moved in and out of a commercial or industrial building.

A walk door often serves as the main entryway into a building and is used by customers or personnel, and also for loading and unloading smaller recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, or equipment such as lawnmowers and ATVs.


Walk Right In

Steel walk doors typically come as single or double door systems preassembled from a manufacturer. They also come with a knockdown or steel welded, pre-engineered frame. Most walk doors operate on a hinge mechanism and either swing open to one side or, in the case of a double-leaf door (French door), swing outward to either side.

What makes steel walk doors better than those made from wood or fiberglass is their higher insulating value.


Make an Entrance

Enter your building in style with the variety of walk doors available for custom steel buildings, including the choice of:

  • Colours
  • Configurations (single/double leaf)
  • Heights/Widths
  • Thickness, Insulation
  • Window and/or full glass inserts
  • Frames
  • Thresholds and overhangs
  • Door handles
  • Locking mechanisms


For more information on doors, read When to Have a Sliding Door for Your Metal Building.


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