Nelson Client Orders 11th Commercial Steel Building from MSC

Nelson Client Orders 11th Commercial Steel Building from MSC

These commercial steel buildings on the outskirts of Nelson are the handiwork of Metal Structure Concepts.

When you drive toward Nelson from the west along Highway 3A, you might notice a series of commercial steel buildings on your right, about five minutes out of town. These matching dark copper structures are the handiwork of Metal Structure Concepts (MSC), and they’ve all been completed for a single client.

By the end of September, Grohman Mini Storage Ltd. will have received its 11th building from MSC. How’s that for repeat business? When you have a winning formula, don’t mess with it.

 “There are not too many clients you can say you’ve done 11 buildings for,” says MSC president Steve Ivanitz, adding they began the first project in 2015. 

“They’re all designed differently for each application, and I think this level of repeat business says a lot about who we are as a company. We go out of our way to make sure our clients are satisfied.” 

Six of the pre-engineered steel buildings are already complete, and Ivanitz says the seventh, eighth and ninth structures were at various stages of completion (as of mid-July). The materials for 10th and 11th units—a pair of boat and RV storage units—will arrive in August, and are scheduled for completion in September. Compared with structural steel and other building methods, pre-engineered buildings have surprisingly fast build times.


Mixture of Commercial Steel Buildings

While the site is officially called Grohman Mini Storage (it’s named after the Grohman Narrows, a section of the Kootenay River that flows just across the highway), there’s more to this 80-acre compound than self-storage units. You’ll also find a mix of: 

  • Warehousing
  • Commercial buildings
  • Boat and RV storage

Ivanitz says each of the building types have custom features to serve its specific purpose. For instance, the mini storage units, which are used for both residential and commercial applications, feature:

  • Higher ceilings for increased storage versatility
  • Interior hallway for sheltered access
  • Drive-up access (for exterior units)
  • Completely dry-walled interiors
  • Selection of heated, insulated units

To learn more about the factors that go into planning a mini storage centre, read our post: 5 Things to Consider for Your Self-Storage Metal Buildings.

The warehousing buildings currently provide mixed-use lease space for an array of local businesses. These structures are well insulated and are completely sealed on the inside with metal liner panel. This provides tenants with a clean, durable environment in which to operate. 

The boat and RV storage buildings, on the other hand, are simpler structures with a basic roof system, three walls and an open front. It’s ideal for sheltering vehicles from the elements.


Repeat business is a good indicator of a company’s reputation. Find out why clients keep coming back to Metal Structure Concepts for their commercial steel buildings. Call us to discuss your project requirements.