Misconceptions With Steel Buildings

Misconceptions With Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are fully customizable down to what colour you would like.

Questions and apprehensions arise whenever people see or think of something outside of what is familiar. When it comes to building structures, there are some common misconceptions about steel buildings, and we're here to debunk them. 


They Are Loud

Of course, if you go bang on metal, it will be much louder than knocking on wood. That doesn't mean that metal buildings are perpetually noisy. It comes down to how well they are insulated. Just like with a wood frame, the noise will be absorbed in pre-engineered buildings if the walls and ceilings are well insulated. 


They Can't Support Cranes

A prefabricated steel building is way more cost-effective when it comes to offering support when compared to a wood building. In fact, steel is your best option for the use of indoor cranes. 


They Are Ugly

Many people think this because they think a steel building can't be custom designed, which isn't true at all. Working with the team at Metal Structure Concepts allows designing of the building around your needs, including layout and aesthetics. Metal buildings are growing in popularity for retail spaces due to their functionality and design.


They Aren't Energy Efficient

When you touch metal, it is either scorching hot or freezing, depending on the temperature, so naturally, people assume the same for the interior of a metal building. The reality is that pre-engineered buildings are incredibly energy-efficient - it's all in how well it is insulated. 


Now that we've eliminated some of the misunderstandings with steel buildings, you may want to consider going with one for your next project. Metal Structure Concepts are the go-to for pre-engineered steel buildings and have been operating since 2002. To learn more or to get a quote, contact us today.