Mining & Metal Structures

Mining & Metal Structures

Pre-engineered steel buildings are perfect for storing heavy-duty mining equipment.

Canada is known for being a major supplier of many natural resources and certainly one of the biggest suppliers of metals and minerals. As a major player in the minerals and metal game, the Mining Association of Canada says Canada is in the top 5 of crucial materials such as potash, uranium, nickel, and cobalt. Besides that, with the global push towards a greener, more sustainable future, we are one of the leaders in supplying lithium and graphite. Mining isn't a matter of just showing up for a day, digging some holes, and moving on. Mining operations are mini-cities erected in (often) the middle of nowhere, making steel buildings an ideal solution for the mining community. 


The Role of Structural Steel

Assembling a mining area must be done quickly. Pre-engineered steel buildings are the solution to getting mining operations up and going. Using metal buildings for mining allows companies to customize the facilities to begin operations as soon as possible without compromising durability. While many steel building companies simply sell pre-engineered steel building kits, Metal Structure Concepts offers the complete package - from design to installation.  


Why Metal Buildings Are Perfect

Commercial steel buildings are customizable and built to suit your needs by having the ability to design it as an office building to run the mining operations or as storage warehouses for heavy-duty machinery. 

Steel buildings can withstand dramatic weather patterns ranging from -45°C all the way up to +45°C. With customizable steel buildings, insulation can be added to the walls and ceiling, making the structures more efficient and the best choice for mining operations, especially those in challenging remote locations. 

Check out this recent mining building project our crew completed in Whitehorse, Yukon! No matter where you're located in Canada, we can handle your mining project regardless of size.


Metal Structure Concepts are the premier choice for pre-engineered steel buildings and have over 20 years of experience constructing metal buildings across Canada. Contact the experts today to learn more and get a free estimate if you require a storage warehouse, commercial steel building, or an entire mining operation.