Metal Structure Concepts: More Than Just Builders

Metal Structure Concepts: More Than Just Builders

MSC offers structural steel buildings and pre-engineered steel buildings.

Metal Structure Concepts (MSC) have earned their place in the steel building industry. Backed by over 60 years of family experience constructing pre-engineered steel buildings, it's no wonder they are the go-to company across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Northern Canada.


Complete Building Service

It isn't just about assembling a steel building kit and handing it off to clients; MSC provides a full-service building experience. When you work with MSC, the experts begin planning your building, then design it, considering the clients' needs while factoring in external influences such as the landscape of where it will stand, the weather in the location, etc. Once the client has approved the design, MSC builds it, including the construction of the walls, roof, insulation, and window and door installs. It's a one-stop-shop for structural steel buildings, other than building the foundation. However, MSC is happy to refer some notable concrete companies for the foundation pour.



Types Of Buildings

There are two types of steel buildings that MSC offers; Structural steel buildings, also known as conventional steel and pre-engineered steel buildings. 

Structural steel buildings are constructed onsite, using steel, wood, masonry, and other construction components. Structural steel onsite builds are preferred for more complex designs as they allow more flexibility. 

Pre-engineered buildings are made as a kit off-site and then assembled at the location. This building type is more cost-effective and easier to maintain.


Examples of Building Types

It seems that MSC can do it all, and they have. Their buildings have included commercial pre-fab buildings such as warehouses, hangars, and trade shops. When it comes to a storage building, MSC is one of the few that specializes in mini-storage building kits. In addition to these types of steel buildings, they have also constructed retail buildings, pre-fabricated farm buildings, mining buildings, and community and multi-purpose steel structures, such as arenas.



Metal Structure Concepts are the experts and the most efficient and professional company to work with for the design and construction of your building. Contact them today for more information on getting a custom steel building.