Metal Buildings: Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Building

Metal Buildings: Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Building

Before you dive into the process of getting a new building for your business, ask these questions

OK, so you’ve decided that metal buildings are the perfect choice for your business, but are you actually prepared for what’s to come?  Like all builds, there are things you should know about before you have your contractor lay the foundation.  Prepare yourself by doing your research and asking these questions:


Can I Afford Everything That’s Involved?

Being able to meet the financial requirements of your project is obviously the first thing you should consider before building. Some of the things to keep in mind include: 

  • Design and planning costs
  • Permits and assessments
  • Steel building prices
  • Labour
  • Delivery
  • Custom steel building accessories and touches
  • Plumbing, electricity, insulation, etc.
  • Long-term costs for maintenance, repairs, etc.


What Kind of Permits Are Required?

Depending on where you plan to erect your commercial steel buildings, you will need to get the required permits before any stage of the project starts. A call to your local government office will help you obtain what permits are necessary as well as if you have the right zoning. You may also be required to have an engineering and environmental assessment of the property before any work can start.


What are the Local Building Codes?

This is not only a question to ask yourself but of your builder before hiring them to install custom steel buildings. Building codes are required by law for the construction of all buildings and additions, as they provide the requirements for fire and structural protection as well as health and safety. Your builder should be aware of all provincial and local building codes before any work begins.


When is an Environmental Assessment Necessary?

All major projects, including industrial and some commercial, should undergo a provincial environmental assessment when there is potential harm to the environmental, health, social, or economic welfare of the community in which the project is located. This assessment should be conducted as early as possible in the project planning stage so that all possible mitigation measures are undertaken.


Can My Building Plans Start and Be Completed without Interruption?

This is an important question to ask if you plan to operate your business while your building is being erected. You’ll need to consider how much time it will take for your project to be completed from beginning to end, and whether you’ll need a temporary office and/or storage buildings in which to keep your stock and equipment. One of the best things about pre-engineered buildings is how fast and efficiently they can be erected. Once all the parts are manufactured and supplied, it normally only takes a few weeks to install a steel building depending on its size.


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