How Metal Buildings Lessen the Need and Increase the Ease for Repairs

How Metal Buildings Lessen the Need and Increase the Ease for Repairs

Lessen the likelihood for damage by installing metal buildings for your business.

There’s a reason Fort Knox is one of the world’s impenetrable vaults. With the 4,582 metric tons of gold that reportedly lies within its walls, most of the Kentucky landmark is built from steel — 750 pounds of reinforced steel and 670 tons of structural steel to be exact.

However, even a fortress like Fort Knox has to be checked for the common wear and tear that can occur over time. Luckily, metal buildings require less repairs and maintenance and offer better warranties than most buildings.

Here’s how:

They can stand up to the weather

In the aftermath of this summer’s Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and Florida, Star Building Systems, one of the leading steel building manufacturers in the US that has supplied prefab building parts to Metal Structure Concepts (MSC), reported that most of its structures survived the storm with little or no damage. In one example, a warehouse in Naples, FL that had been supplied by the company and installed six months earlier only sustained a lost gutter and a small roof leak in the 140 MPH winds.

If built correctly, pre engineered metal buildings are also able to withstand:

  • Snow loads of up to 300 lbs.
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Lightning
  • Fire

Parts are easy to replace and/or retrofit

As prefab metal buildings are manufactured using components, parts and panels, they’re easier to repair. Unlike concrete or wood, you won’t have to tear down a large part of the structure if any damage does occur. Repair and maintenance can instead be done piece by piece, whether it’s simply replacing a purlin or a girt or a full panel. The same goes if you want to retrofit your building for aesthetic reasons or to boost its thermal capabilities with new insolation. In fact, many industrial and commercial enterprises that have metal shop buildings can continue doing business while the work is being done.

Better warranties than other buildings

Unlike asphalt, most metal roof systems have been known to last up to 60 years with little to no repairs, while metal wall panels, with the proper insulation, can last a lifespan of a typical commercial building.

In some cases, a steel building contractor, such as MSC, will go above and beyond its typical warranty of three years. An example of this from 2015 is when a commercial steel building installed for Fabricland in Terrace, BC developed a small leak from a piece of dried-out caulking. Even though it was well past the warranty period, MSC sent a crew that was working in the area to fix the problem after the warranty expired, at no extra cost to the client.


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