Made to Measure: 3 Ways Steel Buildings Can Be Built to Suit Your Business

Made to Measure: 3 Ways Steel Buildings Can Be Built to Suit Your Business

Steel buildings can be customized for a number of uses, including as a helicopter hangar complete with offices and reception.

Is your automotive business in need of a new showroom and/or shop? Do you need extra space to fit a crane or other piece of large equipment into your factory or warehouse? Do you own a private airplane or helicopter as part of your operations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and are looking for professionally constructed steel buildings for your commercial enterprise, then steel is the way to go.

Practical. Aesthetically pleasing. Functional. Cost effective. Durable. Sustainable. These are some of the words that have been used to describe steel buildings and reasons why more and more businesses are turning to steel for their enterprises.

Here are 3 ways commercial steel buildings measure up:


1. They can be designed and customized for a multitude of uses

Commercial businesses from across Western Canada continue to look at pre-engineered steel buildings as a way to start or expand their operations because of their design flexibility.

With the advances in technology, steel building manufacturers and designers can construct a building to suit just about any purpose.

Some custom touches include:

  • Large open interiors for warehouses or hangars
  • Above normal height variances for factory equipment
  • Large customizable storefronts that include large-scale windows, roller doors, and protective overhangs
  • Open roof systems or canopies for car or truck bays


2. Steel buildings have high value-to-cost benefits

Building a new structure for commercial reasons can be prohibitively expensive, especially if the building needs to accommodate a large space. Although the price of steel can fluctuate on the market, the main reason why a steel building is an economical choice is because of its longer lifespan and the fact that it will require minimal repairs or maintenance over time.

That’s because manufactured steel is strong, durable as well as fire, pest, and weather resistant. Steel will not warp, twist, or rot.


3. They can be erected faster than traditional construction methods

Time is another factor on how economical steel buildings can save you money and get you operating quicker.

Pre-fabricated buildings not only save on labour and material costs, they can be erected in half the time of traditional construction methods. This shorter timeframe means that you can start operating your business that much faster.

If you are expanding your business, it’s also possible that you can continue operations during construction as pre-engineered buildings cause little disruption while being erected and the construction waste is less, so your customers won’t be put off by an unsightly mess.


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