Keeping Your Steel Building In Top Condition

Keeping Your Steel Building In Top Condition

Steel buildings are one of the most durable structures out there and have been around for centuries.

Metal roofing has been around for centuries. According to Exterior Pro Roofing Inc., "architects began using copper in the 3rd Century B.C., and the Romans used copper to cover the Pantheon in 27 B.C." Its popularity hasn't subsided as it is the number one roofing material choice for commercial steel buildings.

Along with using steel for roofs, due to its durability, using the material to construct entire steel buildings is common in the Okanagan. Although metal buildings require very little attention, you should still do things to maintain the structure. 


Maintaining A Metal Roof

Naturally, any roof takes the most wear and tear from weather, such as being the first contact point for snow and rain, and the material naturally attracts the sun. As a result, staying up to date on maintenance and repairs is vital, such as pressure washing the roof of your steel workshop on an annual basis. Doing this will keep the appearance of your custom steel building looking top-notch while extending its life. 

In addition to washing the roof, remove snow as it forms. Allowing snow to build up puts unnecessary pressure, leading to leaks, or even worse, collapsing. Be sure to look at metal roof coatings because, over time, they wear off and can lead to repairs that could have been avoided. 


Tips To Keep Your Structural Steel Building In Top Shape

People use steel for the material of structures such as storage buildings, steel workshops, or commercial steel buildings. Whether you have a pre-engineered steel building or a custom steel building, they all require some care and attention. Here are some tips to help with its longevity.

  • Wash your steel building frequently to remove dirt and grime that leads to rust.
  • Check the insulation to ensure there is no exposure to moisture. 
  • Keep records of maintenance checks.
  • Avoid precipitation building up as it can damage the structure and foundation.
  • Make repairs as you spot them. Do not let them get worse. 

Taking these simple steps will add life to your steel building, making it one of the longest-lasting structures you will ever own. 


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