Expand Horizons: Keep Your Capex Low with a Pre-engineered Steel Building

Expand Horizons: Keep Your Capex Low with a Pre-engineered Steel Building

A pre-engineered steel building can help a business looking to grow save on capital expenditures.

Sticking to your budget is always a factor for a business owner looking to build a new facility.

Whether it’s a retail outlet, factory, warehouse, shop, storage unit, or even an aircraft hangar or barn, you want to keep your capital expenditures (capex) at a minimum, while still having a building that will be erected on time without it looking like a “rush job.”

You also want a facility that will last, with little maintenance, and that can be easily expanded upon if your business should grow.

It’s a lot to ask, but that’s where a pre-engineered steel building might be just the solution you are looking for. Here’s why:


Material matters

The cost of building materials is a huge factor when you are looking to build a warehouse that is 2,000 square-feet or more. Not only does a pre-engineered steel building cost a lot less to erect than one framed out of wood, steel is more durable and maintains its structural integrity longer, saving you money down the road from costly maintenance and repair fees.

Steel does not rot, warp, split, twist, swell or decay. It is also termite resistant and non-combustible and can withstand a battering from winds and rain.


Quick to assemble

Pre-engineered steel components are designed and manufactured ahead of time to strict standards and load requirements, so that once construction begins, the parts all fit together. This pre-fabrication allows for a building to be erected that much faster, up to four-to-six months quicker than conventional construction, which saves on labour costs, including less need for sub-contractors. Pre-engineered steel buildings also save on clean-up costs as they cause little construction waste.


Flexible design

This is where you can save on your capital expenditures now and down the road.  

To start, you do not need an architect or engineer (save for the foundation) to design a pre-engineered steel building as prefabrication lends itself a more streamlined approach and simpler design. However, prefab doesn’t mean that you cannot embellish your building’s design with brickwork, glass, stucco and other exterior and interior finishes. Pre-engineered steel also allows for clear-span construction, without columns interfering with floor space, ideal for a warehouse, factory or storage facility. This flexibility in design also makes it easier to expand your building space if your business should grow.


Built to last

Because of its flexibility and durability, steel building prices are not only kept low at the pre-fabrication and construction stage, but also in the long range. If installed properly with proper retrofits, such as wall and roof insulation, you can reduce energy costs as well as condensation. An annual inspection is usually all that’s required to make sure there are no issues and to keep repair costs at a minimum.


For more information, read our blog: 5 Pre-engineered Steel Building Maintenance Tips.


Is your business looking to expand its horizons? Contact Metal Structure Concepts to see if a pre-engineered steel building will fit your needs. We offer a full-package from design to installation, and have built numerous facilities for commercial, industrial, agricultural, storage, retail, and multi-use purposes.