Industrial Metal Buildings: Why Choose Firms that Offer Complete Design-and-Erect Services

Industrial Metal Buildings: Why Choose Firms that Offer Complete Design-and-Erect Services

Companies that handle all aspects of industrial metal buildings in-house tend to carry out projects more efficiently for faster turnaround times.

Time is a precious commodity, one that certainly can’t be wasted on an industrial jobsite. With productivity on the line and multiple trades to coordinate, the last thing you need is an outfit struggling to follow the plans for the metal buildings you need to be operational in a hurry. 

By working with companies that handle all aspects of the project—from the design through to erection—you’re a lot more likely to get the best results in the shortest timeframe possible.

Keeping the Work In-house

Hiring an outside company to erect a customized steel building is kind of like buying a piece of furniture from a department store and trying to assemble it. You know what the finished product is supposed to look like, and you might even be somewhat handy, but if you’re not familiar with the assembly process, mishaps and downtime are bound to follow.

Now, picture that same predicament, only with the erection of pre-engineered metal buildings on an industrial site where every minute lost hurts the bottom line.

The only difference will be that, instead of your wife breathing down your neck, it’ll be general contractor who’s growing impatient. This could easily apply to any number of industries:

  • Power plant facilities
  • Gas manufacturing plants
  • Mining operations
  • Mill sites and lumber yards
  • Machine shops

By hiring a company that handles both the design and erection of a pre-engineered steel building, you can be sure the in-house ground team will carry out the design with precision and minimal time lost to error and oversight.

How Diverse Is the Team You’re Hiring?

Many steel building outfits get by with a project lead, a few experienced foremen and a robust ground crew. While they might be enthusiastic enough, some lack the proper guidance of a project management team. Without one, timelines can quickly unravel, causing work to slow to a crawl. 

Hiring a well-rounded team that can handle all aspects of erecting pre-engineered metal buildings is critical when awarding a contract. Some of the value-added services you should consider include:

  • Custom design work
  • Communicative office support staff
  • Project estimating
  • Logistics
  • Scheduling
  • Project management
  • Health, safety and environmental (HSE) protocols

An Emphasis on Safety

Developing a culture of safety on industrial sites is essential to the success of any project. There can be any number of government regulations and standards that companies must follow in this kind of work environment. Knowing what those regulations are and finding ways to remain productive within those confines requires a fine balance.

If you’re working with a firm that has a sound project management team in place to guide their ground crews, they’ll also likely have a solid track record for safety. To be certain, you should ask about their safety policies and procedures.

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