How Metal Buildings Can Work For Your Business

How Metal Buildings Can Work For Your Business

MSC offers the complete package - everything from design to installation.

When we say the words “Metal Building” or “Prefabricated Steel Building” most people would agree that a very specific image comes to mind. Our team at MSC has designed, planned, and constructed many of those buildings before, but we worry that assumptions may be preventing prospective builders from seeing the malleable potential of steel. No matter your company’s location, logistical needs, or even internal values, customizable steel buildings can do the job you need today, and in the future!


For Businesses Located AnywhereRenco Steel Building

Now having design capabilities and benefits would be underwhelming if it meant you were limited to where you could erect your steel building. Fortunately, you are able to outfit our structures with features that can stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions. 

Adding rolling doors onto your building allows for your space to be incredibly secure and weatherproof to all kinds of climates. Built from corrugated sheets, these doors are incredibly wind-resistant and won’t allow rain or snow to enter your workspace. Renco Enterprises’ custom building in Revelstoke for example needed to be able to withstand the area’s harsh weather conditions. 

MSC was involved in this project from start to finish, so we were able to customize this project based solely on their requirements. Along with the rolling doors, this building was outfitted with snow stops and designed extremely heavy to provide ultimate sturdiness. 


Storage For Yourself (Or Others)

Pre engineered steel building for storageThere are a variety of reasons why you or your business could be looking into building your own custom storage building. You may be in a situation where your company’s inventory has grown to the point that the benefit of having your own building to store equipment is undeniable. Or conversely, perhaps you’ve noticed a lucrative opportunity in your area for a reliable and secure storage business and you’re excited about tackling this as a new venture. At MSC, we have extensive experience in the design, management, and installation of storage lockers and buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Operating out of Armstrong, BC, the Royal York RV Park & Golf Club hired MSC to build a 4,000 square foot steel building to double as their own shop and storage space. However not every project is the same, and we were able to add a customized 8-foot sidewall overhang leading to another satisfied customer who had their requirements met fully by our team. 

Prince Rupert Mini Storage, on the other hand, is in the business of providing exceptional storage services to their customers. Our crew commuted 20-hours up to Prince Rupert to build their custom prefabricated building. Because of the climate in northern British Columbia, our client requested that their building be insulated and heated, which we happily obliged. 


Align With Your Values

Pre-engineered steel buildings are a cost-effective approach that won’t break the bank; even when your business is looking for the kind of structure that can still be customizable to your company’s values. 

Coffee factory pre-engineered metal buildingNowadays a business’ values are more important than ever before. Attracting new hires and retaining loyal employees rests on what people think of your company and what you stand for. In recent times, the expectation of businesses actively participating in decreasing their ecological footprint has become incredibly prevalent, and for good reason. But aspiring to be more environmentally sustainable does not mean added expenses, in fact, it often is reversed. 

When building Kicking Horse Coffee’s 43,000 sq.ft commercial steel building in Invermere, BC, MSC strategically installed 45 windows to increase daylighting at their facility. This customization allows their building to be significantly less reliant on artificial lighting, as the highly placed windows cast light farther into the space. Requesting this feature allowed Kicking Horse Coffee a natural way to light their new facility while staying environmentally conscious.

Environmental sustainability isn’t the only company value that benefits from daylighting. If your executive team prioritizes employee satisfaction then you’ll be happy to hear that studies show that the availability of natural light has a number of positive effects on the workplace. Findings such as employee productivity, fewer sick days taken, and overall employee satisfaction are all added benefits to making daylighting a priority for your company. 


All in all, choosing to build using structural steel not only provides you with more flexibility to meet your specific needs but can also be customized to align with the culture your executive team is trying to cultivate. Check out the array of projects our team at MSC has taken on to discover even more ways a metal building can work for you. 

At Metal Structure Concepts, we combine our talented team of in-house designers and preferred highly-trained field workers to create all forms of steel construction, including pre-engineered and structural steel. Contact us today!