How A Steel Building Can Make Farming Easier

How A Steel Building Can Make Farming Easier

Metal buildings have the versatility to store grain or house livestock to keep your farm productive and profitable.

Whether you’re operating a large ranching enterprise, an equine training facility, a small organic vegetable farm, or even a winery, the need for covered spaces is universal. Pre-engineered metal buildings help the agricultural industry for a number of reasons. They are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. They are quick to install and usually require minimal code requirements. And they will save you money long after the harvest.


Sowing The Seeds

There are a number of things to consider when it comes time to start or expand your farming operation. One of the things you want to avoid is getting into debt, so identifying what you want to start farming is paramount. Then after acquiring the land, you need to consider your investments. You’ll need equipment, livestock, seedlings and/or seed, and buildings.

Not only are metal buildings an economical choice for the farming industry, but metal buildings also serve a number of uses:

  • Seed or hay storage

  • Grain silo

  • Barn/stable

  • Riding ring, covered corral

  • Warehouse

  • Equipment-machinery storage

  • Other outbuildings


Raising The Barn

Because metal components and parts are pre-manufactured the pre-engineered metal buildings arrive at the site ready to assemble. They can be erected in a matter of weeks and will not interrupt the workflow if your farm is in operation during construction. Less crew is needed to assemble the parts and construction waste is minimal.

In addition, metal building systems allow for more open spaces, ideal for a barn, warehouse or riding ring. Clearspan construction allows for uninterrupted space as it uses structural steel columns around the perimeter instead of within the space.


Harvesting The Results

Most know that farming is dependent on the market for crops and livestock and, of course, the weather. When it comes to making an investment, you want to make sure it is one that will not hurt you when it comes to the bottom line.

Metal building prices save you in the long run due to a number of factors, including:

  • Low labour costs

  • Longevity

  • Low maintenance

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Lower insurance premiums

You can learn more about various costs to consider when investing in a pre-engineered metal building in our blog post: Cost Factors for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings 


Weather Resistant

One of the greatest challenges grain farmers face is the spoiling of crops. This not only applies to grains growing in the field, but also to grains after they’ve been harvested.

The former point depends on an array of factors, including:

  • Weather

  • Growing conditions

  • Soil preparation

  • Irrigation

Once grains have been harvested, your ability to protect them from the elements will be greatly enhanced with proper storage facilities.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are highly weather-resistant and capable of withstanding:

  • Heavy snow loads

  • Gusting winds

  • Torrential downpours


Vast Design Options

Many farms centre on a primary type of production. As such, they typically rely on one main facility for the bulk of their operation. If you’re a dairy farmer, that would mean having a milking parlour. If you grow hay, you need a barn to store your bales and keep them dry and protected from the elements. 

When designing metal buildings from scratch, you have the luxury of planning how your barn will look and function.

There are many options available as you work through the design process of your metal building:

  • Size

  • Open-sided or wall panels

  • Bay doors

  • Insulation

  • Colour and trim 


Low Maintenance

Time spent on maintenance is time not spent on things that create revenue and keep your farm running smoothly. Instead of spending tons of money and hours on painting and repairing rotting wood, let a low-maintenance steel barn do its job so you can focus on yours. A properly constructed steel barn will provide years of worry-free use, allowing you to focus on farming, rather than maintenance.


With steel buildings, it doesn’t really matter what type of agriculture you’re involved in. They’re versatile enough to accommodate almost any type of operation. You could be a cherry grower in Kelowna or raising black Angus cattle in Okotoks, and still enjoy the same benefits offered by metal buildings.


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