Why a Customized Steel Building Can Fit the Specific Needs of Your BC Business

Why a Customized Steel Building Can Fit the Specific Needs of Your BC Business

Metal Structure Concepts designed a customized 43,000 sq. ft. warehouse steel building for Kicking Horse Coffee in Invermere, BC.

Are you a BC business owner needing to increase and improve your space? Are you looking for a faster, more economical and environmental way to build? There is a solution, and it’s made from one of the most durable materials on earth – steel. A steel building can be designed and customized to fit the specific needs of your business, whether it’s to house employees, add to your workflow efficiency with new equipment, or even just to improve the resale value.

Here’s why.


Everywhere you look

Any business can benefit from a pre-engineered steel building, whether it is a commercial enterprise or an industrial operation. Because they are quick to install, easy to maintain, and customizable, steel buildings can be used as:

  • Retail outlets / offices
  • Hospitals / schools /churches / community centers /arenas
  • Auto shops / garages / aircraft hangars
  • Warehouses / storage facilities / workshops
  • Manufacturing plants / treatment facilities / sawmills
  • Barns / stables / outbuildings


The only material needed

Engineers are always coming up with ways to make the next best material, and improve the ones that we already have buried deep within the earth’s crust. One of those materials is steel, which nowadays is not only used as the “bones” of a structural steel building, but is also used in all components of a pre-engineered building due to its flexibility, strength and durability. Steel can be used in a number of building components. This includes the:

  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Siding (cladding)


Options are endless

The days of a square steel box are over. Commercial steel buildings can be designed in all manner of shapes, sizes, and even colours! This is again due to the flexibility of steel. Constructing with steel can work for your business, whether you need a clear span for an arena, or an increased height or width variance for a crane or other piece of large equipment, or if you need an overhang on the side or entrance of your building.


Finishing touches

Customizing a pre-engineered steel building is as easy as working with wood, except you won’t need a finishing carpenter to cut, sand and nail all the final touches to give your building an aesthetic appeal. As your components will be made from steel, all the design work will be sent to the steel manufacturer, with the parts send back to the building site to be assembled. It’s quick, easy and does not make construction waste or a lot of noise.

Some of the customized finishing touches you can do with steel include:

  • Trim
  • Vents
  • Panels
  • Doors and window frames
  • Gabled roofs
  • Canopies
  • Cupolas

For more information, read our Case Study on How we Customized a Pre Engineered Steel Building Auto Shop.


Whether you want to build a chain of steel garages or install a steel workshop, Metal Structure Concepts can help you with your project from conception to completion. We have experience in designing and installing custom pre-engineered steel buildings all over Western Canada. We will help your BC business grow.