Like a Rainbow: How Colour Adds A New Dimension to Steel Buildings

Like a Rainbow: How Colour Adds A New Dimension to Steel Buildings

Colour can enhance the appearance of steel buildings for any type of business.

If you’ve been reading these blogs, then you know by now that pre-engineered steel buildings come in many shapes and sizes. But did you also know that they also come in a spectrum of colours?

Manufacturers can apply specialized paint to the exterior and interior steel walls, as well as roofs and garage panels in just about any hue using specialized architectural coatings. The paint not only allows steel buildings to be customized for branding and aesthetic purposes, but can actually protect your building even further from the elements.

Here’s how:


Follow your brand

Your logo on a sign is not the only way customers recognize your brand. The appearance of your building is also as important. Commercial enterprises that are franchised often have a colour scheme as part of their branding. Whether it’s a chain of gas stations, retail outlets, or steel garages, business owners want their franchise to be recognized. Patterns, colours and other flourishes are a great way to do that as well as add personality to pre-fabricated buildings for a customized look.


Shiny and new

Think of your custom steel building as a shiny new car sitting on the lot. Like that new car, coatings for steel not only come in monochromatic colours, they are now being developed in shiny, clear and bright hues with unique effects and patterns. Some of the new paint finishes for steel that are being developed include: 

  • Shimmering gold or silver that can be added to any colour, so even whites and greys sparkle.
  • Harmonious and analogous colour schemes that are found in nature such as bronze, amber, or blue-greens.
  • Dramatic or subtle iridescent effects that can affect the colour depending on the light or angle.
  • Using prints on wall panels to make dramatic patterns such as wood grain, slate or corten (weathered looking) steel


Protecting your surface

When it comes to architectural coatings, rust is not an option, unless you are going for a corten colour steel look! With new applied technologies, steel panels are typically painted in three steps at the manufacturer using a:

  • Primer
  • Undercoat
  • Finish coat

Each layer is developed to protect the steel from corrosion and other weather damage and its increased durability allows for longer colour retention. By adding these specialized colour panels, you will require less maintenance and paint touch-ups down the road, saving you money in the long run.


To see how colour has been applied to commercial steel buildings for specific branding, read our Case Study: Customizing a Pre Engineered Steel Building Auto Shop.


Whether you need storage buildings or steel barns, let Metal Structure Concepts add some colour by designing economical steel buildings that will not only look great, but will last for years to come. We are the leading installer of pre-engineered steel buildings across Western Canada. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.