4 Reasons Why You Need a New Steel Building

4 Reasons Why You Need a New Steel Building

If your production facility has seen better days, it might be time to invest in a new steel building.

Many business owners will try to make due with what they’ve got. Resourcefulness is an admirable quality, however, when it comes to your operating facilities—whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing plant or other type of steel building—there comes a point where standing pat will start to hinder your potential. 

Here are a few examples of when it might be time to consider investing in a new pre engineered steel building.


1. You’re Currently Leasing Space

A commercial lease can be a great way to get your business started. This strategy requires little up-front capital and allows you to grow your business with minimal commitment. However, once you become established, you may want to consider buying a steel building in order to:

  • Build equity
  • Settle into a permanent location
  • Gain more operational freedom and control


2. Your Current Building Is Nearing End-of-Life

You may have thought you were getting a good deal when you bought that older commercial building. Now that you have to pour money into it for repairs and upgrades, the acquisition might seem less favourable.

By starting with a new custom steel building, you can expect years of worry-free use with minimal upkeep.


4. You Want to Expand Your Operations

As your business continues to evolve you might find yourself needing additional space. Or perhaps the success of your business has afforded you the financial means to follow through on those upgrades you’ve been dreaming about for years.

The good thing about pre engineered steel buildings is that they’re readily expandable. That’s because they utilize standardized segments and connection types.

As long as you have the space on your property, an expansion is often a viable option. The erection time for pre engineered buildings can be significantly faster that other construction types, meaning you’ll experience minimal downtime.


4. Your Current Facilities Hinder Productivity

Whether you changed the way your operate, or the building you’re in was never a good fit in the first place, an inadequate workspace can impede your ability to operate efficiently.

There are plenty of ways in which you can customize a steel building to meet your needs: 

  • Insulate it to protect product, materials and workforce from the elements
  • Add staff amenities, such as offices, bathrooms and lunchrooms
  • Maximize space with a mezzanine level
  • Increase operational capability with overhead cranes


Starting from scratch and designing a custom steel building the way you envision it will ensure the structure meets your demands now, and for years to come. For more on this, read: Sectioning Steel Building Interiors to Meet Your Needs.


If you want a steel building that’s customized your operational demands, call Metal Structure Concepts. Whether it’s commercial, industrial or agricultural, our in-house design team will create a structure that’s right for you.