4 Popular Commercial Uses for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

4 Popular Commercial Uses for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings have become increasingly popular among commercial business owners due to their cost effectiveness, low maintenance requirements and practical design.

In any industry, professionals are always looking for more indoor space to meet their production needs. Whether it’s a steel building storage compound or a light industrial shop where employees can work out of the elements, having a structure that’s well built, requires little maintenance and will stand the test of time has many advantage.

With pre-engineered designs, the applications for configuring workspaces are endless. And with companies like Metal Structure Concepts, the level of customization that can be achieved is remarkable. Building designs can be tailored to meet a clients’ precise needs, while offering the utility and affordability discerning companies have come to expect.

Below is a breakdown of some of the main industrial uses for pre-engineered steel buildings:

1. Superior equipment storage

One of the biggest benefits of pre-engineered buildings is their ability to store all manner of items:

  • Expensive machinery
  • Mechanical components
  • Building and production materials
  • Heavy equipment and other tools

By stowing these items inside the structural building envelope, you’re not only protecting them from the elements, you’re safeguarding them from would-be thieves.

For many commercial enterprises, storage buildings can serve double-duty by acting as machine shops and other types of work that don’t require expansive areas.

2. Open plan workspaces

Pre-engineered steel buildings make ideal workspaces for an array of industries. The wide-open spans created by this building type allow companies to configure their work areas to achieve maximum productivity. With no pillars or other structural impediments in the way, you can set up shop any way you like. 

These large, open spaces also make the use of machinery such as forklifts and skid-steer loaders a viable option. Plus, your workforce will thank you, as they’ll no longer have to brave the frigid winter or scorching summer conditions outdoors. 

3. Geared up garages

Heavy-duty mechanics, welders and anyone else who works in a garage environment will love the convenience of pre-engineered building packages. They offer plenty of storage options for tools, parts and equipment, and they’ll also accommodate larger machines such as trucks, tractor-trailers, RVs, and back-hoes.

Work bays can easily be fitted with either hangar or rolling doors, allowing mechanics easy access and egress to whatever they’re working on.

Customers will appreciate seeing their vehicles and machines tended to in a secure facility, and employees will appreciate working in a controlled environment.

4. The convenience of commercial office space

Many industrial companies are starting to realize the benefit of including commercial office space in their pre-fabricated building design, as it addresses all aspects of their business requirements.

With proper planning, your commercial building can incorporate the office space your teams needs to complete administrative tasks, while keeping it separate from the actual work area. This saves owners from having to construct multiple buildings, while allowing maximum workplace productivity and office efficiency.


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